Translation is the process of rewriting a document, changing it into another language. The original language is called the “source” language, and the language that the source language is translated into is referred to as the “target” language.

A successfully translated document should read is if it were originally written in the target language. The text should flow so smoothly that the reader would never realize that the document had been first written in another language. In short, a translation should be “invisible.”

Translation usually goes through a 3-step process that follows the standard to insure that your documents are translated accurately into the languages of your needs with the original meanings and contexts.

Step 1: Translation

First, your document is translated by a native speaker of the target language.

Step 2: Editing

Next, the document is edited. The translated texts are compared to the original text if it is complete and accurate. The translation’s wording or style can be changed due to , ensuring that the text flows well and can be easily understood by the target audience.

Step 3: Proofreading

Lastly, the document is proofread to ensure that the translated text is complete, formatted properly, and is free of errors.

An accurate professional translation can save a patient’s life, win a bid, or persuade a shopper to buy your product.


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