English into Korean Translation

I offer various Korean services, including document translation, localization, website translation, and media (video game and movies) translation.

I excel in translation as I am an experienced translator and project manager. Specialization of fields includes education, technology, legal, financial, or medical. I priotize to meet your business needs by providing accurate and reliable translation. I will appropriately deliver your projects from translating a simple text, letter, email, document, a complex website, a textbook, or a user manual.

My offer to translate from English into Korean pair are as the following:

  • General product catalogues
  • Advertisments
  • Marketing
  • Consumer Products and Retail
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Non-Profits and Associations
  • Technology
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Environmental materials

In addition, I offer the following including documents but not limited to: birth, and death certificate, marriage certificates divorce decrees, diplomas, transcriptas and/or other Korean documents needed to be ranslated. Moreover, we can translate any Korean website appropritedly as you might need. There are studies showing that if a website is not translated into various languages, the traffic to the website will have less traffic compared with the one that is. Rather than investing in other areas that are not effective, localizing your website might be a cost-effective investment!

If you want a free quote, click here.

If you want to call on our skype username: jeong.lan.kinser

My email is: jeonglan_kinser@hotmail.com, jeonglan_kinser@yahoo.com, jeonglankinser@gmail.com





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