“Absorb what is good from others, discard what is bad from others, and add what is your own.” -Bruce Lee-

While I was pondering on my revelation that I have to pay much more attention to my cultural heritage, I also realized that my effort to explore more on my cultural aspect will also lead me to a way of respecting those of others as well. With regard to valuing my own culture, it is even more apparent that I haven been over-protecting others’ cultures while I did not give proper weight on mine.

Traditionally, the culture of Korea has been shaped by many other cultures that are surrounded by the nation, but I believe that Korea did not lose its own authenticity of its cultural value.

When I remembered the Bruce Lee’s quote, that’s what came to my mind.

I strive to revive Korean philosophical principles. For example, I embrace the perspective of Taoism (Shamanism) and Tangun Hak, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianism, Chatholocism, and Judism, etc. However, I truly believe that Seongli Hak, which was developed by Korean scholars through Seonli Hak a long time ago has profoundly meaningful potential to cleanse this ever-evolving, exciting, flat, yet questionable world in terms of moral values.